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Ozone ( 03) is an activated form of oxgyen 02. It is formed continuously in the upper atmosphere by the action of the sun's ultraviolet radiation on oxygen molecules in th air, (the ozone layer), The ozone layer protects all life on earth by absorbing harmful short wave ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Ozone was first used as a drinking water disinfectant in Holland in 1893. Today, over three thousand municipal drinking water plants worldwide, use ozone as the primary disinfecting agent.  In Europe, ozone is the most widely used method of potable water purification, waste stabilization, and maintaining safe public swimming pool waters.  Ozone is rapidly becoming the method of choice in the United States.




Other applications of this safe but powerful oxidizing agent are widespread. Aricultural uses range from mold and fungus control to ethylene gas destruction (natural ripening), thereby increasing the shelf life of some fruits and vegetables. 

Meat and poultry are being treated with ozonated water to remove ay biological contamination. the ability of ozone to kill pathogens without creating harmful by products or harming aquatic life, has dramatically increased productivity in the aqua culture industry worldwide.

Poultry and Beef raised with drinking water purified by ozination have demonstrated faster growth as well as benefiting from a lower incidence of illness.




Ozone is the most powerful oxidant that can be used for drinking water and swimming pool water purification. Ozone destroys waterborne contaminants thousands - of - times faster than chlorine. Ozone can easily and economically be produced where it's needed, using only the surrounding dried air/oxygen and an available electrical power source.

Ozone is effective in removing sulfur (rotten egg smell) from residential water supplies. Resulting in not only better water aesthetics, but also prolonging the life of water pipes, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances. 

Ozone is effective in treating rusty water in residential settings and has no equal in purifying water with out using chemicals.

Ozone is ideal for treating small subdivision/ private water systems.  It's an economical, chemical free way to remove contaminants and odors from your drinking water.  It will treat a broad range of issues from Sulfur & Rust, to Pesticide and Nitrate contamination.